Pam Pilates

Studio PAM Pilates is located at Anna Paulownastraat 19 in Eindhoven. The Pilates studio is located in the center of Eindhoven and is easily accessible. Ample parking is available in the immediate vicinity.

Pilates is for everyone who wants to consciously deal with his or her body. Pilates brings your muscles into balance and improves your posture. Pilates makes you feel slimmer and fitter.
During the Pilates training we work on finding the balance between body and mind and the connection between strength, flexibility and control. The center of strength is “the core”: the abdominal, back, buttock and thigh muscles. It is the point from which the exercises are built. The result is a powerful, flexible body, streamlined muscles, good posture and increased body awareness. Pilates does more: Pilates provides excellent support for sports such as running, tennis, golf, swimming, etc. Pilates makes you more resistant to sports injuries. To achieve the above results, the Pilates method uses exercises on different Pilates devices and on the Pilates gym mat.

The Pilates training is given by Pam Garcia and Priscilla Cortèz.
Pam Garcia is from the Netherlands and has been trained as a Classical Pilates trainer at the Pilates Link training institute. In addition to her training at Pilates Link, she has attended many workshops of internationally renowned Pilates and exercise professionals, the last one (October 2019) by Eric Franklin (Fascia and low back pain). She is currently following a specialization to work therapeutically with Pilates devices. The method was developed by M.J.Blom and is given by Stephanny Turton-Kat at Art of Movement in Hilversum.
Priscilla S. R. Cortèz is from Brazil. Since 2012 she is a fully certified Pilates trainer at STOTT Pilates. She studied with internationally renowned Pilates and exercise professionals. Furthermore, Priscilla is certified in Core Training, ZenGa and Halo Trainer by Merrithew Health and Fitness. In addition, she keeps being informed of the latest developments with an emphasis on improving the quality of life and well-being for her customers. Priscilla speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish fluently. She teaches the lessons in English.

To get acquainted with the Pilates method, we offer you a trial lesson.
You can register by mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or text or app: +31 6 33 800 755. Indicate your preference for day, time and level that suits you best. Click on TRAININGS to view the class schedule. You can (in consultation) take a trial lesson in the relevant group. If Pilates suits you, you can join that group. This is also possible during the current quarter.
There are special offers during certain periods. Click on NEWS for further information.