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Corona NEWS September 2020

 Professional air purifier

 Within Eindhoven, PAM Pilates is the first Pilates studio with a professional air purifier. This air cleaner, with AIH-filter technique, is effective against viruses and bacteria. AIH stands for Active-Ion-HEPA and this technique uses ionization before the filter. This deactivates 99.98% of the bacteria and viruses captured in the filter. Furthermore, this air purifier also removes pollen, pollen, dust, fine dust, house dust mite from the air. The operation of this air purifier has been scientifically researched and published in the Scientific journal 'Nature'. Interested ... send an app and I'll send you the link of the research.

Group size

 Last weekend I was busy bringing the groups from 8 to 7 people. Since I think this number fits better in my space, during the Corona period.
This means that I will start 2 new groups, on Tuesday 18:00 and Wednesday 12:00. Both groups are slightly advanced.
I think we have succeeded and I would like to thank you very much for your cooperation in achieving a good distribution.

Important to know:
This new schedule will start on Monday 21 September.

Protocol Studio PAM Pilates

The Students:

  • Stay home when you came back from a high-risk area less than 10 days ago.
  • Stay home if you have any of the following complaints:
  • Nasal cold; sore throat; cough; elevation and/or anxiety symptoms
  • Stay at home if anyone in your household has any of the above symptoms.
  • Go to the toilet at home, before visiting the studio.
  • Change as much as possible in advance, at home or at work.
  • Put on clean socks. We no longer work barefoot.
  • If necessary, bring your own, lockable drinking bottle.
  • Do not come to the studio before the agreed time.
  • Always follow the instructions of the Pilates Trainer.
  • Come in one by one, hang your coat on the coat rack and put your shoes on the rack.
  • Disinfect your hands with gel in the hall.
  • Keep a distance of 1½ meters, do not shake hands and do not make any physical contact.
  • Take as little as possible to the studio and take everything back home.
  • Put your belongings in a PILATES bag, which you put under the Cadillac when you enter
  • The mats are numbered 1 to 8. Leave them in this order.
  • The first one that comes in, goes to mat 1, etc.
  • Cover your mat completely, with 1 or more towels and possibly 1 under your head.
  • We continue to work with tools.
  • After class, clean every part of the mat you have come into contact with and the aids, with the appropriate disinfectant detergent. This is indicated by the Pilates trainer. It is nice if you bring 1 cleaning towel from home.And much better for the environment
    After class, leave one by one and go outside immediately. Order from 8 to 1.
  • Questions, or stories, you can ask or do by app or mail.
  • In case of an emergency, you may use the toilet. Clean after using the toilet: everything you have touched in the toilet. Light button, doorknob, toilet seat, tap. Throw the used cleaning towel in the waste bin. (Do not flush the cleaning towel down the toilet) The waste bin is in the changing room.

The Pilates trainers:

  • We stay home when we have a cold; cough; have a raise.
  • If possible, we teach online at such a time, via Zoom.
  • We will inform you as soon as possible.
  • We will make sure that the doorknobs are cleaned regularly.
  • We make sure that the room is well ventilated.

The studio:

  • At the front, the window stays on the tilt position and in the dressing room, a dauern Lufting is open.
  • In between lessons, the room is additionally cleaned by the air conditioning (drying position), to reduce the risk of aerosols, or to solve the problem.

The lessons:

  • In order to reduce the emission of aerosols, from now on the nasal inhalation and exhalation is done during the lessons.
  • We're going to slow down the pace of the lesson.