Newsletter December 2021


"If you don't like something, change it.

If you can't change it then change

the way you look at it."



As of today, December 19, 2021, we have gone from a half to a full lockdown, due to the new Corona variant 'Omicron'.

This means that from tomorrow, until at least January 14, 2022, the studio will be physically closed. ONLINE we are open!

The online Pilates classes will be given, via Zoom, by Hanny, Dimitra and myself. If this is the first time you are going to follow the classes online, I can email you a step-by-step plan on request.

We work with an adjusted schedule. The levels (beginner-intermediate-advanced) are combined in the schedule. Through an email you indicate what lesson you, on what day and time, want to follow. You will receive a link on the Sunday, in advance.

The online lessons are real lessons with direct feedback during the execution of the exercises.

What do you need to follow the lesson?

- 1 mat, with enough space around your mat

- Check if your body is clearly visible from your camera, so we can give you feedback if necessary

Dimitra and I work with props. At the invitation for the lesson you will find the Props you need for that particular lesson.

On the group app you will find 3 suggestions of Props that you can purchase at the Decathlon.

You can register for the following lessons:

PLEASE NOTE: different lesson times, due to online crowds.



10.00 -11.00  Beginner/ Intermediate                  
18.00 -19.00  Intermediate/ Beginner Pam
19.15 -20.15  Pilates Advanced/ Intermediate   

10.00 -11.00  Beginner/ Intermediate                   
20.15 -21.15  Intermediate/ Beginner (vanaf 11 januari 22) Pam

10.00 -20.00  Pilates Advanced/ Intermediate                  
18.00 -19.00  Pilates alle levels
19.15 -20.15  Pilates Intermediate/ Advanced

19.00 -20.00  Classical Pilates All levels                  

8.30 -9.30  Pilates alle levels                    


Christmas Holidays

27 December 2021 until 9 January 2022

From Monday 10 January 2022 the studio will be open again, ONLINE.


Although everything is different, we wish you all 'Merry Christmas and a healthy 2022'.


Warm regards, on behalf of Pam, Dimitra and Hanny