Newsletter October 2021


As of September 25, the 1½ meter has been discontinued, in the studio the mats remain at 1½ meters from each other. The Reformer and the Cadillac are both used as mats, so there is room for 8 people in the studio.

In order to accommodate everyone as safely as possible in the studio, the Corona protocol (in modified form) remains in effect. On the group app and in the studio you can read what has changed and what has remained the same.

The autumn vacation is this year one week later than the school vacation.
Monday, November 1 until Sunday, November 7.

As of October 7, 2021, Hanny van der Schaaf will give the lessons on Thursday evenings in English.

Hanny van der Schaaf is from the Netherlands and first came into contact with Pilates about 7 years ago. Because of her enthusiasm and curiosity she has, next to her work in primary education, further developed herself and followed the Teacher Certification Program for basic, beginner, intermediate and advanced levels with Marjon van Grunsven, of Studio Memento in Den Bosch.
In July 2020 she started teaching Pilates classes. Since October 2021 Hanny is a certified Pilates trainer in the basic, beginner, intermediate level of the Classical Pilates Mat Work method. She is trained according to the principles of the Classical Pilates method, developed by Joseph Pilates. Hanny enjoys giving her classes, according to the basic principles of the Pilates method.
Hanny finds it important that people, through the Pilates lessons, feel fitter and stronger and therefore 'more comfortable in their bodies'.

As of 1 November 2021 Dimitra Kolokouri will start giving Pilates lessons on Friday mornings. Note: The times are slightly advanced!!!

9.00 -10.00  Flow Advanced/Intermediate                
10.15 -11.15  Beginner/ Intermediate Dimitra


Would you like an extra lesson, or is Friday more convenient for you, or do you know someone who wants to take Pilates classes....
Send an app or email to T 06 33 800 755; M This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dimitra Kolokouri, born in Greece, started dancing at a young age. During her dance career, she discovered early on what Pilates could do for her body and the great effect it had on her dance performance.
After graduating from the Dance Academies of Athens and Tilburg, she followed and completed, together with Pam, the classical Pilates training at the training institute Pilates Link. Subsequently Dimitra completed a training for Yoga teacher.
For Dimitra it is important that people, through the Pilates lessons, start to move better and because of this become more connected to their bodies. Dimitra does this by observing people and offering guidance from a positive approach. Dance continues to influence her lessons and you can expect flow, energy and a surprising combination of movements.
Dimitra has taught at studio PAM Pilates before, so maybe you already know her! She is looking forward to it and hopes to see you all on Friday.

Hugette Swinnen is an 'old faithful' at studio PAM Pilates and is currently following the 'Classical Pilates Mat Work method', with Marjon van Grunsven from Studio Memento in Den Bosch.
Part of the training is to observe classes and she will do this in several groups starting in November. Later in the training she will also teach small groups. This will be independent of the lesson schedule. There will be an announcement about this and you can register for this. These practice lessons will be cheaper.

As of January 1, 2022, the prices of the mat classes will go up by € 1.00.