All training types are given according to the 6 basic principles developed by Joseph Pilates.

*The 6 basic principles of Joseph Pilates are:
Control; Centering; Concentration; Precision; Breathing; Flowing movements.

Mat: This is a series of mat exercises, according to the 6 basic principles of Joseph Pilates, aimed at working from the core. This is possible with props. Work is done in small groups of up to 8 people, on different days of the week.

Private session. During a private session the Pilates trainer adapts to the specific needs and possibilities of the course member. A private session can consist of exercises on the different apparatuses.

Duet. During a duet session two students work closely together with the Pilates trainer. Both should be at about the same level. The Pilates exercises can be done simultaneously.

On the Pilates machines, you work in a 'closed circuit', the exercises are more intensive and the desired result is achieved sooner. ‘A powerful, flexible body, streamlined muscles, good posture and increased body awareness'.

The following equipment is available in the studio: 'Cadillac; Reformer; High Chair; 2 Spring boards; 2 Arches'.

Method Smart Spine (developed by Marie-José Blom)
During therapeutic work with the method 'Smart Spine', we work with natural materials that stimulate your senses and have a healing effect on your body.

The natural materials are lavender, wheat and buckwheat grains, held together by organic cotton covers. These materials are warmed up beforehand and ensure that your body relaxes and moves towards the warmth almost immediately.

The scent of lavender provides relaxation by way of smell.

With the Smart Spine materials (pillows, globes, triangles and a strip) I will use massage techniques and exercises to work on the different layers of connective tissue, so that there is movement again and space is created to give the connective tissue layers the opportunity to recover. This gives an immediate relief to the complaints and recovery follows. This may continue for several days. The starting point of this method is 'Self-empowering recovery of the body'. These sessions are given 1 on 1.

You can make an appointment for the various types of training by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by telephone: 06 33 800 755.


 9.30 -10.30  Intermediate Pam
18.00 -19.00  Intermediate Pam
19.15 -20.15  Intermediate/Advanced Pam
20.30 -21.30  Advanced Pam
9.30 -10.30  Intermediate Pam
10.45 -11.45  Beginner Pam
18.00 -19.00 Beginner/ Intermediate Pam
19.15 -20.15  Inetermediate Pam
20.30 -21.30  Beginner Pam
 9.30 -10.30  Advanced Pam
10.45 -11.45  Beginner Pam
18.00 -19.00  Beginner/ Intermediate
19.15 -20.15  Advanced Pam
18.45 -19.45  Beginner/Intermediate Hanny
20.00 -21.00  Intermediate/Advanced Hanny
9.00 -10.00  Flow Advanced/ Intermediate
10.15 -11.15  Flow Beginner/Intermediate


If you are interested in one of the training types, you can click on CONTACT and inquire about the possibilities by e-mail. This can of course also be done by telephone, 06 33 800 755.

Easy-fitting, fitted clothing and sports socks. For the mat training sessions, the client brings his own bath towel to lay over the mat.